Michelle Jezierski

240x200 cm
oil and acrylic on canvas
11.200 Euro inkl. Tax

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    About the artist

    How can a two-dimensional artwork evoke three-dimensional space? Berlin-based painter Michelle Jezierski has long grappled with this question in her practice. The artist approaches the canvas much as a sculptor would consider an object, considering its spatial orientation as well as space’s relationship to the viewer. Jezierski’s perennial starting points are natural landscapes—say, the movements and colors of sky or sea, along with their delineating horizon lines—but also the geometries of the built environment. In her abstract paintings, she places these elements into juxtaposition or concert, plumbing the oppositional limits of order and chaos, structure and fluidity, through (sometimes implied) line and exuberant color.Michelle Jezierski is a Berlin-born American artist, who studied at the Berlin University of the Arts with Tony Cragg from 2002 to 2005 and graduated in 2008 after a semester at the Cooper Union New York with Amy Sillman. Her works have been shown internationally and are in various private and public collections.