Anina Brisolla

'the small glass (the bride stripped bare… )'
205 x 92,2 x 14 cm
Gold leaf, correction tape, acrylic glass, wood

The small glass (the bride stripped bare...)" stands in the center of the room. A work that refers to Marcel Duchamp's 'Large Glass' in form, content and title.
It is both an object and a portrait at the same time: the wooden frame encloses a transparent acrylic glass pane on which a drawing is applied.
This is a graphic interpretation of a broken iPhone, applied with gold leaf and correction tape. The drawing depicts the inside of the smartphone, captured using X-ray technology and the cracked user interface. However, the iPhone is turned upside down.
We view the world through the device. It enables us to be in different places at the same time, virtual and real.
We are also viewed through it: Moving through the web, leaving a data trail and exposing ourselves, with our consent, but usually prefer not to know about it.
"the small glass (the bride stripped bare... )" thematizes this simultaneity in that the work is on the one hand a drawing ground and
simultaneously functions as a lens through which the viewer looks at the other works.
With this work, the artist involves the viewer in a sophisticated game of reciprocal relationships and creates a kind of climax within the exhibition.
a kind of climax within the exhibition.
Consisting of many small squares, circles and lines, the drawing is something like the architectural ground plan of an object-turned-walled garden that has become a natural habitat for large parts of society.
'Walled Gardens', which has become a natural habitat for large parts of society.
With this work and the references to Duchamp and his 'bachelor machine', Anina Brisolla comments not least on the male-dominated tech industry in an intelligent way and not without humor.

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    About the artist

    Anina Brisolla is a visual artist based in Berlin. Her work draws on the question how digitalization and privatization within the framework of economically informed power structure influence the makings of society.She condenses these questions into graphic works, collages and objects, moving images and video loops.
    Anina Brisolla studied visual arts in the Netherlands and at the School of Visual Arts in New York.
    She recently had solo shows at Kunstraum der IG Metall, Kanya & Kage, Blake & Vargas and SMAC in Berlin and took part in numerous group exhibitions like B-LA Exchange in Los Angeles, Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and at galleries like Evelyn Drewes in Hamburg.