Carla Streckwall

'The perfect Human Being 2'
Video on fabric, wood

"The Perfect Human Being 2” is a video piece and part of an artwork series that delves into the relationship between the human body and the digital realm, shedding light on contemporary issues surrounding body image and societal standards. In a world where the battle against body shaming and harmful stereotypes rages on, this artwork challenges our preconceived notions of physical perfection and our ever-evolving connection with technology.
"The Perfect Human Being 2" explores the idea of transferring culturally ingrained ideals of the 'perfect' body onto digital entities, creating a dialogue between human and machine. The piece takes a critical stance on how machines perpetuate clichéd representations of the 'ideal' body, serving as a mirror reflecting the toxic body ideals we're exposed to in our daily lives.
The machine used to generate this video was was trained with a diverse array of body images, each deliberately deviating from the stereotypical standards of beauty, combined with the prompt “The perfect human being 2”. As we watch the digital realm confront us with replicas of a redefined body ideal float by as thought clouds, we are compelled to question the origins and consequences of our cultural fixation on appearance. Based on Stable Diffusion, Dreambooth.

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    About the artist

    Carla Streckwall is an internationally active, Berlin-based media artist and designer. In her work she deals with the effects of digitalisation on our daily life and various models of perception. She creates installations and designs that derive from scientific research and collections of experience, translated into artistic interventions in both virtual and real space. She mainly develops landscapes and surfaces through the experimental use of 3D software and photogrammetry.