Nick Koppenhagen

'Technology Adoption: Running Water, Landline, Flush Toilet, Stove, Electricity, Vacuum, Central Heating, Fridge, Auto, Radio, Washer 1905-1960'
70 x 100 cm
gouache on stone paper, CNC brush drawing

Running Water, Flush Toilet – Lebergott (1993) Pursuring Happiness: American Consumers in the Twentieth Century
Landline – Comin and Hohijn (2004) Cross-Country Technological Adoption: Making the Theories Face the Facts, Journal of Monetary Economics

Stove, Electricity – Dediu (2013), Seeing What’s Next

Vacuum, Fridge, Radio, Washer – Bowden and Offer (1994), Household appliances and the use of time

Central Heating – Lebergott (1976), The American Economy: Income, Wealth and Want

Auto – Grubler A (1990). The Rise and Fall of Infrastructures: Dynamics of Evolution and Technological Change in Transport. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag

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    About the artist

    Nick Koppenhagen (*1987, Hamburg) is an artist from Berlin. He is interested in collective worlding practices and the visual properties of abstract systems. He is currently working on a (non-)playable card game based on a force-directed graph, a memory dune and the traces of interactions.
    His work has been exhibited at institutions like Kunsthaus Hamburg, Museum of Concrete Art Ingolstadt, Klosterruine Berlin and Schinkel Pavillon Berlin. He has given presentations at the Carpenter Center at Harvard University and La Gaîté Lyrique Paris.