Maryna Makarenko

'Sun Eaters'

The Sun is an impulse to imagine an elusive but visible future: just a glimpse and a return. What are the sun-eaters trying to tell? Are they a type of protohuman or maybe superhuman that mutated in a post-apocalyptic future? An extraterrestrial myth? Or perhaps a metaphor for the ethnic minority of the Crimean Tatars, the original inhabitants of Crimea, who were deported by the russian empire? Is the biographical story, embedded in the film, true? And how crucial is it, after all? Time erosion eats away memories and, destroying, creates new, half-fictional ones. Can you trust your memory if it is so selective?

Taking inspiration from Eastern European sci-fi the film tells a story about human-plant creatures sun-eaters. The speculative storytelling is linked to the ongoing war, and raises questions of impossibilities of entering occupied territories, as well as moral and social aspects of military conflicts.

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    About the artist

    Maryna Makarenko (b. 1990,Ukraine) - multimedia artist and performer. Currently located in Berlin, where she studied media art at the Berlin University of the Arts. She works with video, performance, sound and voice, as well as hosts workshops and artistic laboratories.

    Speculative narratives in her works echo the social and political processes of contemporaneity. Maryna often refers to the phenomenon of transient states: processes and identities that fall into the space of physical non-existence. In this way, she creates parallel etherealities and fictions that do not provide answers but rather raise questions.