Paul Gleason

'Salt Crystals of Estrogen'
30cm x 40cm cm
Acrylic Paint on Canvas with Transpartent Varnish

Estrogen & Testosterone
I’ve decided to use found scientific microscopic images of the two hormones: Estrogen and Testosterone.

I found inspiration from these images and want to portray why we as humans are unique compared to AI which is learning from prompts but can not understand feelings of genuine emotion, such as love.

“In human beings, a male gamete, or spermatozoon, unites with a female gamete, or ovum, at the moment of conception, following the sexual act. From the zygote develops an embryo, from the
embryo a fetus, and after some nine months a baby is born, helpless at first, but soon to develop
all the physical and mental facilities of an independent, new member of the species. With the surge of hormonal activity at puberty that individual in turn becomes able to reproduce and so the cycle of life continues.”- Rand McNally Atlas of the Body and Mind

Crystals Of Estrogen
Crystals of the sex hormone Estrogen, left, is photographed with
polarized light.

"Estrogen is primarily involved in female fertility, but small amounts are also secreted by the male, for it is the balance between the male and female hormones which determines sexuality."
- Rand McNally Atlas of the Body and Mind

Crystals Of Testosterone
Male sex hormone. Polarized light micrograph of crystals of testosterone. Testosterone is the main human androgen, the class of steroid hormones responsible for the development of male reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics. It is mainly produced in the testes by the action of a series of enzymes on pregnenolone, a steroid derived from cholesterol.

Testosterone may be used in hormone replacement therapy to
treat delayed puberty in boys, hypogonadism and some types
of impotence. In women, testosterone may be effective in the treatment of breast cancer."
by Sidney Moulds

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    About the artist

    Paul is an eclectic artist, who almost never stays in the same style, or medium. Using the influences that surround him, in popular culture, and from the underground, he expresses himself with paint, computer graphics, screen printing and experiments with electronic music.
    Paul is originally from the USA but has held residence in Berlin, Germany since 1990. Berlin has been a definitive influence in his ever-changing art. He also addresses topics of war, pop culture and mocks the obscurity of political influence.