Markus Liehr

'“Page not found”'
42 x 35 cm
Acrylic on canvas

The picture "Page not found" is from a piece of clothing from a Chinese wholesaler. The saying on the zipper had inspired me to bring the picture to the canvas. The image does not show a well-known logo or brand. It wants to be seen and yet unrecognized. It's like an insider of fake brands that you can't find on the internet. So the question arises again in painting, what constitutes "originality" in terms of artistic intelligence?

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    About the artist

    Who is the painter Markus Liehr from Leipzig?

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any information about a painter named Markus Liehr from Leipzig. It is possible that they are a lesser-known or up-and-coming artist. It could also be that the name has been misspelled or that it is a fictional person.

    Artist Bio DE: Wer ist der Maler Markus Liehr aus Leipzig?