neither nor ft. Annique Delphine

'Object #4 and #5'
144,5 x 106 x 4 cm
re-purposed mirror, plaster, wood,grout, mounted on insulated panels.
2.340 Euro inkl. Tax

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    About the artist

    neither nor’s first collaboration features the works of Berlin-based artist multi-disciplinary Annique Delphine, who is best known for her surrealist, breasty, and at times disturbing iconography. Delphine’s works are autobiographical, as she explores the relationship with her own body as it has been perceived at different stages of her life: Girl: fragile object, bisexual woman: sexual object, model: desirable object, mother: fertile object, perimenopausal woman: deteriorating object.
    Founded 2023, neither nor collaborates with artists to make their artistic practices & processes more accessible. This first collaboration centers itself around Delphine's most recent series The Witch in the
    Woods as well as the design of our “Boob Tiles”. The design of the tiles is based on Delphines works as they are in conversation with the series itself. Rather than inviting viewers to consume the work in its final form, we aim to make the series accessible as it progresses over the coming year.
    This is Annique Delphine’s and neither nor’s curator Tania Luz's third collaborative project. The duo looks to create immersive viewing experiences through performative gestures. Their last collaborative work HER, conceived in collaboration with Emma McKee, was exhibited in the second edition of RÄUME.