Susanne Schirdewahn

'“Nasenmensch” und “Jongleur”'
je Din A 5
Tuschestift auf Papier

die beiden Zeichnungen stammen aus der Serie "sprechende Körper", die fortlaufend als ecriture automatique gezeichnet wurden. Ihnen liegen keine konkreten Vorlagen zu Grunde, sondern die absolute Freiheit des Gedankens und Entstehungsprozesses im Moment. Die Gefühlslage einzig ist sinngebend, keine Absicht und Erfüllungsmotivation.

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    About the artist

    Susanne Schirdewahn is a Berlin based German visual artist. She studied to be a theater director at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch, Berlin in 1999. Later in her career (2001), she focused on writing and painting. Since 2010 Schirdewahn has regularly written columns for the feuilleton of the Berliner Zeitung, the Magazin, zeit online and she has been a member of VdbK1867 since 2013.
    Schirdewahn works interdisciplinary, associatively, and deliberately gives chance a room to maneuver the results. As a painter, she explores themes such as escape, the content behind the visible, and portrays other artists. With humor and subtlety, she explores the boundaries between high and low, between kitsch and commerce, art and cult. She uses acrylic to paint and simple everyday materials for her sculptures, like pink wrapping paper from the butcher, packaging cords, cheap decorative cushions or funeral wreaths. As well as Schirdewahn prints thermal transfer on tile.