Katia Cutropia & Alexandre Silveira

'Infinite state of transition'

Infinite state of transition is an AI-generated artwork created in 2022 by Alexandre Silveira and Katia Cutropia. It uses a selection of Katia's photographs as training data for an AI that can blend and transition between the visual styles and landscape elements from Katia's real-world photos. This allows it to synthesize completely new and unique places that never existed. The AI can represent these nonexistent places either as static images or as videos that dynamically transition between scenes in an unending flow.

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    About the artist

    Katia Cutropia is a french artist living and working in Berlin. She is an autodidact who explores the world with a curious eye, unveiling hidden beauty in the most ordinary objects. Through her research into shapes and shades she intertwines the disciplines of painting and photography, artistry and architecture in her analog photography.

    Alexandre Silveira is a multidisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of music, visual art, and technology. With over a decade of experience in areas like music production, video mapping, light design, and generative art, he is currently researching the use of Artificial Intelligence to create visuals and audio. As a musician, Alexandre produces electronic music under the alias Exz, where he creates electronic based rythms with delayed atmospheres.