René Holm

190x295 cm
Tege dust and pigments on canvas
13.000 Euro inkl. Tax

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    About the artist

    René Holm is born in 1967 in Esbjerg and has graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus, Denmark in 2006. René Holm is one of Denmark's most established contemporary artists and has been screened at fairs from Miami to Basel for years. His staccato, a strong, rhythm coupled with a profound, multi-layered sense of space make his style memorable and unmistakable.More: Time and again, Holm takes up existential themes and locates them in nature. In most cases, the human being portrayed in the wilderness. The scenery often forms a slightly threatening dark forest. In doing so, he establishes a closeness to the Nordic theme of the romantic period of painting tradition, which is never to be expelled from consciousness.
    With his expressive, impasto painting, Holm gives our yearning for wilderness a lasting expression. Through the powerful presence of the trees, the artist also obscures the view into the depths and thus also addresses the break in the harmonious unity of man and nature.