Johanna Keimeyer

Editions of 8 plus 2 AP Sizes: 60x40 cm (23,6x15,7 in) 105x70 cm (41,3x27,6 in) 180x120 cm (70,9x47,2 in)
C-print on Alu-Dibond signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity
3.600 Euro inkl. Tax

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    About the artist

    Johanna Keimeyer is an experiential artist who creates immersive experiences using interdisciplinary forms. This can take the form of large scale art installations transforming site specific architecture with video, light, objects, scent and sound. Her strength is to create participatory art experiences that combine cutting edge technology with art, fashion and design. Her ultimate focus is to allow the viewer to explore profound questions about identity and humanity’s values. Her motivation for her art is to make the invisible visible.
    ”I want to give people a felt experience that unifies the artwork and the viewer’s own inner universe. I invite the audience to explore deeper questions about identity and the core fundamental values that make us human.”
    Keimeyer studied design and digital media at University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK), Tama Art University in Tokyo, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Rhode Island, USA, and Boston's MIT Media Lab, USA.
    Her previous work includes a series of lighting made from recycled materials and her underwater photography in hotel pools around the world. She is continuing to explore those topics and practices as an experiential artist with interdisciplinary forms.