Don Elektro

'en in a(i)row.'
50 x 300 cm
direct print on hollow chamber panels

From AI Mini-Series to a Historical-Cultural Art Installation.
Inspired by historical events and contemporary art forms, I embarked on an exploration of AI-generated artworks, expertly using prompts steeped in cultural history.

These creations were presented on Instagram in sets of 10, paying homage to the historical significance of storytelling and visual culture. Beyond the digital realm, this project evolved into a physical art installation. AI-generated images were printed on 10x100cm hollow chamber panels, seamlessly merging history, culture, and modern technology.

This blend not only transformed the digital into the physical but also highlighted the enduring connection between technology and artistic creativity, forging a narrative that echoes both the past and the future of art.

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    About the artist

    Don Elektro is an artist and graphic designer living and working
    in Schwarzenberg/Germany. He is founder member of the KOTZ art gang and also well contacted with different artists,
    networks and platforms.

    He has been a digital and social media artist since 2013 - since then
    he explores the virtual and visual world of arts and between.

    He transforms imageries into multilayered artworks and tries to connect all kinds of feelings, aesthetics and visual languages to serve his VISUALFASTFOOD.