Laura Schöning

2:10 Min
2 Kanal-Videoinstallation: 1 Screen, Kopfhörer, Digitaldruck (29,7×42 cm)

“As an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences, emotions, or desires, and therefore, I don't have "days off." [...] But I don't tire, become bored, or need a break, since I'm just a computer program.” (ChatGPT)
The video installation DAYS OFF starts as a dialogue with an artificial intelligence on the subject of rest and leisure, as it delves into deeper questions of care work, exhaustion, and work distribution. By combining non-human generated visual material with my personal smartphone film archive, I aim to explore the dynamic relationship between humans and AI - that is characterized by both closeness and distance. The project seeks to offer a reflection on the limits of artificial intelligence, while researching my very own limits.

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    About the artist

    Laura Schöning is studying Fine Arts at the University of Greifswald in Northern Germany. After studying Scenic Arts at the University of Hildesheim and a study visit to Finland, she has been living and working in Wismar. Since 2022 Laura has been a mentee of mentoringKUNST by the Künstlerbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (artist association of north-east Germany). In her artistic works, Laura explores the constant change and transience of moments and emotional states. Capturing them in the form of analog photographs and experimental films reflects on her inner emotional world.