Philipp Eibach

'As Within, So Without'
50x50 cm
Mirror with Liquid Cristal Layer

"As Within, So Without" addresses our endeavor to create consciousness in our own image. At its core, the work consists of a circular mirror that seems to breathe in rhythm with the viewer's own respiration. As one pauses and takes a closer look, their reflection appears and disappears in harmony with the ebb and flow of a calm breath cycle, oscillating and blurring the line between inside and outside. The seamless shift from reflective to non-reflective, symbolizes the delicate dance between human consciousness and artificial intelligence. It invites contemplation on the notion that, in our quest to create AI mirroring our own minds, we risk losing our point of view. "As Within, So Without" challenges viewers to confront the profound implications of this relationship, provoking introspection as they witness their own image flicker in and out of existence.

"As Within, So Without" is available in different formats.

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    About the artist

    Philipp Eibach is a human being. He enjoys creating unusual things. Eibach believes in a leveling effect through artificial intelligence and strives for optimism.