Bianca Kennedy


"Macht ist einerseits das Werkzeug, das die Unterdrückung fortsetzt, andererseits ist sie das Mittel, mit dem der Widerstand das Schweigen durchbrechen kann."

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    About the artist

    Bianca Kennedy (b. 1989, Leipzig) lives and works in Berlin. Using a range of mediums, including animation, video, virtual reality, found footage, and drawing, she explores everyday relationships and routines, reflecting on human behaviour, social norms, and expectations. In recent years, Kennedy's artistic focus has been on physical withdrawal, creating a series that examines the theatrics of bathing and the cultural coding of the unprotected, naked body. Through her works, she uncovers conflicts that exist within power dynamics and identity politics, and how they intersect within categories such as class, gender, privacy, and public space. Currently, Kennedy's work is centred around personal protest, featuring individuals who have grown disillusioned with the world and turned their anger inward. From early childhood protests to Straight Edge and Hikikomori, she examines the idea of renouncing the world and attempting to make it a better place through withdrawal.

    Working together with Swan Collective as kennedy+swan (founded in 2013), their video and virtual reality works address the future of evolution and its impact on plants, animals and humans. Through environmental storytelling, These utopias are liberated from human supremacy, illuminating the ecological benefits of hybrid life forms, and addressing the twisted relationship between humans and machines

    Kennedy has shown in museums and festivals internationally. Recent exhibitions include those at Lyon Biennial (2022), SCAD Museum of Art (2021), Krinzinger Schottenfeld Vienna (2024), Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (2020), the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2020), CCBB Rio de Janeiro (2019), and Sundance Film Festival (2020), among others. She is the winner of the LOOP Discover Award in 2018 and won the TOY Berlin Masters Award in 2019