Bailey Keogh

'Air Regularly'
100 x 100 cm
Spray, Oil, and Acrylic on canvas

I like my work to exist in this inbetween space of analog interrupting digital. I often include
'photoshop like' grids or gradients like the ones I use to obsessively make in microsoft paint.
Written across the center of the painting is regelmäßig lüften, however it is entitled Air Regularly.
Depicted in the piece is a McMansion style home popular in the US, more so before the 2008
recession. In a way this piece shows that some things you would imagine to be sturdy or
powerful are simply full of hot air.

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    About the artist

    Bailey Keogh (USA) is a Berlin based artist and DJ whose work spans across mediums in efforts to distort people’s perceptions of realities, real and imagined. Treading always with a less-than-academic and certainly-not-sterile nature, Keogh’s analyses in her work are those formed from a foundation of softness and care paired with hard aesthetics. She often bridges the gaps between the tangible and the virtual within the videos, paintings and installations she produces around topics like misinformation, disinformation, and media literacy. Keogh studied fine art at Universität der Künste Berlin where she was a tutor for Monica Bonvicini.

    Her work has been shown at Museum für Fotografie Berlin, Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, Transmediale/CTM, Art Basel Miami and Torrance Art Museum.